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How to select the tooth pitch of band saw blade?

Many customers don’t know how to select the tooth pitch of band saw blade. Distinguish between the size of the saw blade saw tooth or rough teeth, teeth, small teeth or fine teeth of the argument seems too general, in fact, this argument is not standardized.

For the moment, tooth pitch type of band saw blade has many species and optional.The pitch of the saw blade is divided into 8 / 12,6 / 10,5 / 8,4 / 6,3 / 4,2 / 3,1.4 / 2,1 / 1.5,0.75 / 1.25.Different size of material,select the most suitable tooth pitch is the most quick approach of extending the band saw blade work life.

Q: saw the outer diameter of about 20mm, wall thickness of 1mm material, 10 sides by side with the cut, what pitch selection?

A:This type of material wall is very thin,we need to select the small pitch.

Q:Cutting material are mainly 45# ,Q235 ,Q345 of round steel,about 100mm in diameter. A single saw,which should choose the pitch?

A:Recommend select the 4/6 tooth type.

Q: The work piece is 45#,150-180mm round steel,which should choose the pitch?

A:Recommend choose the 3/4 tooth pitch band saw blade.

Q:Sawing stainless steel pipe,diameter 120mm, wall thickness 1.5mm,a single saw,what is the pitch of the saw blade?

A:8/12 tooth pitches is appropriate.the stainless steel is belong to hard-cutting material,we recommend the use of our excellent saw library AS series band saw blade.

Q: Sawing material is 45Cr, 600mm in diameter, which type of tooth pitch can saw well?

A: This type of material is too large,we recommend choosing 1/1.5 large tooth cutting is better.

Q: Cutting bearing steel,material size specifications are more complex, small 20-50mm or so, large 70-150mm or so, how to choose the band saw with the teeth of it?

A: For different size of cutting materials,it is recommended to use different teeth separately. 20-50mm around the material can be used 4/6 teeth, 70-150mm material can be used in 3/4 teeth.

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